Exterior Waterproofing, Finishes, and Playfield Work

If you walked past the Glen Canyon Recreation Center this week, you may have been surprised to see the building being painted blue, but do not worry! This is a layer of waterproof material being applied prior to the application of the stucco finish.

IMG 0477

Blue-tinted waterproofing being applied to the building exterior.

Inside, elements such as cabinets and lighting are currently being installed along with finishes such as countertops and tile. Renovation of the fireplace, which is being converted to a modern gas system, is also well underway.

IMG 0479

The original timber frame around the fireplace is preserved while the hearth is being converted to a modern gas-burning system.

The Public Utilities Commission has been busy making repairs to the Islais Creek culvert under the baseball field. A hole in the 90-year old concrete culvert had caused soil subsidence during the recent rainstorms. The repair should be complete by the end of January. Unrelated work will also occur nearby in the next few weeks as a new backflow and water meter for the Rec Center are installed next to the Elk Street drop-off.