Everybody Plays Summer 2016 Updates

Banner of "Everybody Plays" painted in multiple colors and textures

Over here at SFRPD’s Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services, we’re gearing up for summer. We hope you’re ready because we have some exciting updates to share!

Camp Everybody Plays, formally located at Glen Canyon, will be moving this summer! While we will miss being located in the beautiful Glen Canyon & being connected with Silver Tree Day Camp, we’re excited to have a quiet space of our own. Did we mention pick/up and drop off will be a breeze? We all know parking in the city is tough. Our new location will be at Douglas Playground (26th Street & Douglas Avenue). There will also be no extended care.
In addition, we are changing the age groups for our Everybody Plays camps. While we love the diversity of ages, we believe that in focusing on smaller, specific age groups, we can provide higher quality programming and more appropriate curriculum, targeting therapeutic goals. That being said, we are pleased to announce that we will be re-framing & expanding the age group of the kids we serve. We will have separate session for ages 6-8 and 9-11. We are also piloting Teen City, a specialized camp for teens with Autism and other developmental disabilities, ages 12-17!

Due to the demand for this camp, initial enrollment is limited to two weeks. 

Check out the details below:

Everybody Plays (6-8)
Session                          Course #  Days   Dates        Times     Ages    FEE
Session 1 – Ages 6-8     43966       M-F     6/13-6/17   9-3pm    6-8        $143(R)/$204(NR)
Session 2 – Ages 6-8     43967       M-F     6/20-6/24   9-3pm    6-8        $143(R)/$204(NR)

Everybody Plays (9-11)
Session                           Course #   Days   Dates        Times    Ages     FEE
Session 1 – Ages 9-11    43968        M-F     6/27-7/1      9-3pm   9-11     $143(R)/$204(NR)
Session 2 – Ages 9-11    43969        M-F     7/11-7/15    9-3pm   9-11     $143(R)/$204(NR)
Session 3 – Ages 9-11    43970        M-F     7/18-7/22    9-3pm   9-11     $143(R)/$204(NR)

Teen City (12-17)
Session                          Course #   Days    Dates        Times     Ages    FEE
Session 1 – Ages 12-17  43971       M-F      8/1-8/5       9-3pm    12-17   $143(R)/$204(NR)