West Sunset Playground

West Sunset Playground

The West Sunset baseball fields will be closed for the winter to allow the turf to rest and for the fields to recover. They will reopen on Monday, January 7.

In addition, the West Sunset soccer fields will be closed on weekends for the winter to allow the fields to recover as well. They will reopen for weekends beginning on Saturday, March 2.

We look forward to seeing you all get out and play on fresh fields soon!

Find sports and games for the whole family at this spacious athletic complex. Choose from baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, rugby, women’s field hockey, ultimate Frisbee, flag football and Irish hurdling-just to name a few. There’s also a playground for kids, and a clubhouse with a variety of activities and programs. Picnic area with BBQ grills also available.

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