Rolph-Nicol Park Nature Exploration Area

Children And Nature

The Nature Exploration Area is an engaging destination for play and discovery in nature. Visitors of diverse ages can enjoy natural challenges like balancing on tree trunks laid on the ground, jumping from stump to stump, running on the twisting wood-chip pathways, and playing creatively with pine cones, branches, bark, wood chunks, and leaves.

The area promotes physical activity, stimulates creativity, inspires discovery, offers opportunities to negotiate risk, and encourages teamwork, all while cultivating an appreciation and respect for nature.

The area is a project of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department and San Francisco Children & Nature as part of the international movement to reconnect children to nature and the outdoors.

For photos of the Nature Exploration Area at Rolph-Nicol Park, click here.

Accessible Play Surface: N/A
Accessible Composite Play Structure: N/A
Transfer Tier: N/A
Ramp onto Structure: N/A
Accessible Sensory Play Element: N/A
Sensory Type: N/A
Accessible Rocker: N/A
Accessible Spinner: N/A
Accessible Swing: N/A
Swing Type: N/A
Accessible Restroom: N/A
Accessible Parking: N/A
Parking Type: N/A
Accessible Picnic Area: N/A
Accessible Picnic Table: N/A
Accessible Fountain: N/A