Mission Dolores Park South Dog Play Area

Dog with ball in Mission Dolores Park

Mission Dolores Park sits at the heart of one of San Francisco’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Because of the park’s size and location, it also draws residents from the family-friendly Noe Valley and park users from the Castro, center of the city’s gay-rights movement. Dogs are free to roam off-leash in the center of this large grassy park or on-leash near the athletic fields, children’s playground or tennis courts. Dolores Park is slated for a multi-million dollar rennovation that is in the planning phases and will begin as soon as summer 2011.

Approved by the Recreation and Park Commission in 2005, there are two off-leash Dog Play Areas in Mission Dolores Park reflected in this map. The North DPA runs parallel to Dolores St and the 19th St promenade around the perimeter of the multi-use field. The South DPA is just south of the 19th St promenade and is bordered by the western pathway and the pathway from the promenade to the playground.

Please note: This web page was updated on 4/25/2013 to reflect the Recreation and Park Commission’s approval of the two designated off-leash dog play areas in Mission Dolores Park on 1/20/2005.