Cool Off in City Pools!

Martin Luther King Jr Swimming Pool 586x286

During the week of September 25th, all pools with the exception of Balboa and Sava Pools are open during our normal operation hours. Cooling lanes for free swim will be available for those who arrive at the Pool for cooling needs. For specific operation hours for each neighborhood pool, please check our aquatics and pools website:

  • Martin Luther King Pool – 5701 3rd Street
  • North Beach pool – 651 Lombard Ave
  • Coffman Pool – 1701 Visitation Ave
  • Hamilton Pool – Geary Avenue& Steiner Street
  • Mission Pool – 1 Linda Street
  • Garfield Pool – 26th Street & Harrison Street
  • Rossi Pool – 600 Arguello Boulevard

In addition, the Mission Playground SplashPad is also operating.