Construction Update – September 10

Permit Appeal Update

The project appellant filed a request for a rehearing of her appeal of building permit 0448 late Tuesday.  What this means is that we remain on hold for an additional two weeks while we wait to appear before the Board of Appeals again on September 19.  At the Sept 19 meeting the Board will consider whether to grant the appellant’s request for another hearing on the merits of building permit 0448.  More details on the rehearing request process will be posted here as we prepare for this next step in the process.

Progress of the Work

Last week the Contractor began demolition work in the area of the summit, removing asphalt paths and trees and performing rough grading of the new paths. Seat walls in the area of the picnic area and along the ADA path were poured and form-work for the pathways was set.  Work continues on the installation of subsurface drainage and irrigation lines across the site.  Work in DPA #2 is on hold pending scheduling of the PG&E service line.  Our best estimate at this time is that DPA #2 will reopen in two weeks.