Construction Update: August 2

Community Briefing.  There was a great turn out for Wednesday’s briefing held at CPMC.  I hope everyone found it informative.  Special thanks to Lizzy, Toks, John Leffingwell from HortScience and Josiah Clark who were on hand to answer questions.  One of the strongest messages we took away from last night was your concern over the level of watering of the trees and other park landscaping to be retained.  This message has already been passed on to Bauman Construction and I will be following up personally on their efforts to keep things as green as possible. Lizzy, or Landscape Architect, will also be monitoring the condition of the trees and plants and directing the crews to increase watering or take other protective measures whenever she sees a tree or plant that she feels is in need.

Board of Appeals Hearing.  The Board of Appeals Hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 22, 5:00 PM in City Hall, Room 416.  Members of the public will be able to provide comment and we encourage you to come down and support the project.  Also, letters and emails of support are very important.  Any emails or letters which I receive between now and August 15 will be submitted to the Board for their consideration as an attachment to the Department’s written brief.  If you would like to submit a letter or email to support us in our effort to move this project forward, please address them to:  Cristina Garcia, 30 Van Ness Ave. 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA  94102,  I will be providing more information on the hearing as it becomes available.

Construction Progress.  Unfortunately work in DPA #2 is moving more slowly than expected.   The area will remain closed for at least the next week.  We will keep you posted on when we expect to be able to reopen the area of public use. And as reported at the briefing, we expect crews will begin working in the northeast quadrant of the park before too long. Our intent is to hold off until DPA #2 is completed. Once we have a firm start date we will notify you through this blog and through park postings.   We appreciate your patience.