Construction Progress – Week 4

Nesting Bird Update:

Consulting Ecologist, Josiah Clark, performed a follow-up survey of the park on July 3 and report that he found no active nests.  However, many young birds, including the Red-tailed Hawks, were spotted in the area.  The presence of no active nests clears the way for work to begin in all areas of the park.  Josiah will continue to be available to provide assistance as the project moves forward.

Tree Removal Update:

The consulting Arborist and Landscape Architect have completed their follow-up assessment and have developed an action plan to be used moving forward.  We will be scheduling a meeting soon to brief the community on the action plan.  Information on the meeting time and location will be posted on the project site and on this blog as soon as it is available.

Construction Activities:

All the asphalt paths in the construction zone have been removed and site work around the play area is moving forward.  Form-work for the seat walls that circle the new picnic area is now in place and the space is beginning to take shape.   Demolition of below-grade utilities is ongoing.