Construction Progress – Week 1

After a few bumps and bruises construction is underway out at Lafayette Park. Bauman Landscape Construction arrived on-site on Monday, June 4 and began installing fencing and staging equipment. By Friday the site was closed to the public with the exception of the 33,000 SF temporary dog play area located at the corner Washington and Laguna Streets. Work began in earnest this week as demolition crews began work around the play area.

The appearance of fences and tree removal notices created an instant response from concerned neighbors and park users responding to the lack of access to the park and what some perceive to be questionable changes to their beloved park.  I would like to assure everyone that we take your concerns seriously and that I am following up on each issue raised during the past two weeks.  I will be provided more details regarding our plans for tree removal, habitat protection, on-going park access and a variety of other concerns soon.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely,  Mary Hobson, Project Manager

Demolition of paths and roads.