Construction Progress and Schedule Update

The “no mow” lawn area by the 24th street entrance was planted this week at Noe Courts. This blend of native grass covers the small sloped area by the park entrance and will require minimal maintenance and less water use than a traditional, mowed lawn. Two fruitless olive trees, which complement the existing one in the playground, were also planted along Elizabeth and Douglass Streets.

IMG 0486

The “no mow” lawn area.

IMG 0494

A new fruitless olive tree at the Elizabeth Street entrance.

Additional progress was also made as the fence posts around the courts and a retaining wall in the basket ball court were painted. Court resurfacing has been delayed by the frequent rainstorms that have saturated the ground. Once the soil has time to dry out, which will likely require 10-14 consecutive rain-free days, the ground will be compacted and the new court surface will be poured and painted. Installation of the new lawn and replacement of the concrete at the Elizabeth Street entrance will follow the court resurfacing work.