Community Meeting Highlights

The initial meeting to solicit ideas for the Buena Vista Park Capital Improvement Plan kicked off at the Randall Museum on February 10th and was attended by an audience of nearly 40 engaged park neighbors.  The Buena Vista Neighborhood Association provided an introduction to the meeting, while the Department of Public Works and Recreation and Park Department explained the Capital Improvement Plan process and goals, contextualized the park historically, and reviewed site assessments (see  presentation on Buena Vista Park Capital Improvement Plan page). The assessment addressed a variety of topics, including forest health and tree groupings, park circulation and paths, erosion control and irrigation.  It also identified three primary regions of the park: perimeter, woodland and ridge.  The basic intent of this process is to fund a series of small scale projects to create momentum for a bigger capital improvement plan effort.  To that end, the participants offered feedback and a host of ideas for projects, ranging from relocating the playground and installing better lighting on the park perimeter, to moving the existing dog play area and formalizing the circulation network.  Common themes included public safety, attracting families to the park, improved accessibility and activating the park for positive uses.

The next meeting will be on March 24th at 6:30pm to discuss a refined menu of potential projects based on feedback from the first meeting. The meeting will be held at the Randall Museum in the Buckley Room.