Community Digs In at Boeddeker

Community digging in at Boeddeker Park

Originally opened in 1985, Boeddeker has certainly seen better days, but thanks to the Trust for Public Land, a variety of state grants, and the leadership of people like Betty Traynor, the cofounder of the Friends of Boeddeker Park, the park and its aging clubhouse are set for an $8.5 million renovation… Senator Mark Leno, District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim and other city and state officials joined residents and students in the Tenderloin District on Tuesday, November 13, for a special groundbreaking ceremony hosted by the Trust for Public Land and Rec and Park… The new park design addresses community concerns, including improved safety, active and passive recreation opportunities for all ages, and beautification elements. The renovation will replace aging play equipment that is inaccessible and noncompliant with the Americans with Disability Act, a clubhouse with significant visibility issues, and a major lack of green space. The new park will also feature a full-size basketball court, play area, fitness equipment, new large lawn, seating areas, gardening beds and a brand new clubhouse.

Construction is expected to last approximately 18 months.