Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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City and Community Members Unveil Potrero del sol Mural to Promote Health and Parks

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center today joined in partnership with San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD), Buena Vista Elementary School, the School’s PTA members and students to dedicate and unveil the “Familia” community mural at Potrero Del Sol Park.

“A well-loved park is a safe park.” said Phil Ginsburg, RPD General Manager.  “We are glad to be in partnership with San Francisco General Hospital to beautify our park for all San Franciscans to enjoy.”

This is the story of a shared problem and a creative solution. Potrero del Sol Park, in San Francisco’s Mission Neighborhood at 25th Street and Utah, is bordered by Buena Vista Elementary School and the Community Health Network (CHN) building maintained by San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (SFGH). The park is a favorite of skaters and school children. But the wall of the CHN building was a persistent graffiti target. Time and again, the SFGH painters would cover the tags, only to see the wall degrade again. Then the community got together. The PTA found artist Victor Reyes and held a naming contest with the children, RPD waived the permit fee and held a public meeting, the hospital donated paint and scaffolding and shepherded the plan through the San Francisco Arts Commission.

“We are aware of the impact that graffiti and blight has on our community and are committed to being an engaged and responsive neighbor,” said Sue Currin, CEO of SFGH. “By collaborating on the Familia mural, we can address the graffiti problem and contribute our resources to a more effective solution.  This mural will not only beautify the park area but help to support an accessible open space that promotes exercise and contributes to healthier communities.”

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