Site - Ext North Elevation - 2014.02.21

Work on Coit Tower continues as we are getting closer to re-opening.  Repair to exterior concrete and stucco, restoration of doors and windows and improvements to the buildings electrical system are nearing completion.

Architectural Sheet Metal - Lantern Level - 2014.02.05 - Copper Vent (1)

The image above is of scaffolding at the Lantern Level for repairs to concrete and stucco as well as installation of new copper scuppers.  These repairs will help protect the building for years to come.

Lantern Level - 2014.02.27 - Restore Brass Nosings

The image above is of cleaning and installation of waterproofing at the stairs leading to the Lantern level observation deck.  Slip resistant stair treads will also provide improved safety.

Conservator - 1st Floor East Side - 2014.03.14 - Restore Mural

The image above is of a conservator working on one of the murals in the ground floor gallery.  The mural conservation process may continue after the building is re-opened, depending on the progress of the work, and will leave the murals in the best condition that they have been in for the past 30 years.

Elevator Lobby - As It Look On - 2014.03.12 (1)

The image above is of the recently restored doors leading to the elevator lobby in the ground floor gallery.  The doors are part of the overall historic building fabric that is being addressed and will result in an enhanced visitor experience.