COF Round 2 Awards and Round 3 Update

It’s been an exciting month for the Community Opportunity Fund! At the end of October the Recreation and Park Commission approved the award of ten Round 2 projects! From stairway beautification at Lincoln Park to an adult fitness area at Boeddeker Park, these projects are a diverse bunch!

We’ve also continued working on final construction plans for several Round 1 projects. One project, the installation of new benches at Sutro Dunes Park (Balboa Ave and the Great Highway) is almost complete!

Round 2 Awarded Projects:

Balboa Park Skate Park – $248,239

Boeddeker Park Adult Fitness Area – $209,274

Duboce Park Youth Play Area – $114,262

GGP – SF Lawn Bowling Club Green #1 Improvements – $171,702

Jose Coronado Playground Signs and Gate Improvements – $6,500

Lincoln Park – California Street Steps – $183,103

Minnie and Lovie Ward Dance Floor – $39,885

Muriel Leff Park Pathway – $7,000

Noe Courts – $210,712

Upper Douglass Dog Park Irrigation and Drainage – $136,171

For more info on the awarded projects, see the Project Proposals by clicking the tab Meeting/Application Materials (above) and selecting either Round 1 or Round 2 Awarded Projects. (documents to be posted 12/2/2011)

Also, Round 3 is just around the corner! It will be another $1.25 million award round. We are starting to receive some inquiries and wanted to let you know the approximate schedule:

March 2012 – Round 3 Applications Released

March-April 2012 – Applicant Workshops

June 2012 – Applications Due

September 2012 – Awards Announced