City Scores Victory for Kids, Soccer

Boy playing soccer

Great news! The California Coastal Commission voted unanimously today to uphold the permit for the Beach Chalet Athletic Field renovation project at the West End of Golden Gate Park, perhaps the most vetted public project in Rec and Park history.

The Commission’s vote means the renovation project can move forward and allow the city to continue to address San Francisco’s critical lack of playing fields. The project will result in more than 9,000 additional hours of play each year at the heavily used but worn down facility.

The project is part of a public-private partnership between the City and the City Fields Foundation, which has been helping to renovate athletic fields across the city since 2006. The partnership was formed in response to a 2004 assessment study that showed the city needed an additional 65 athletic fields to meet the growing demand of youth, students and athletes who rely on our fields every day for exercise and play.

The Beach Chalet project includes the renovation of the existing 80-year-old soccer facility, including four new synthetic turf fields, a spectator plaza, field lights, seating, and a children’s playground.

The project will replace four grass soccer fields which are in poor condition due to heavy use, drainage issues and gopher infestation. The fields are some of the worst in the city and are often the first to close and the last to reopen when it rains. The facility is also closed four to five months out of the year, and at least one field is always closed on a rotating basis to allow for rest and regrowth, despite the best efforts of staff.

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