Celebrating Love in SF Parks

Show your love in San Francisco Parks

SAN FRANCISCO – This Valentine’s Day weekend the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department is reminding lovers to show their love in our parks.  According to statistics from the Wedding Report issued in 2012, more than two millions of weddings took place in United States, which resulted in ove $53.4 billion of economic activity.  Couples spend an average cost of $30,000 for a wedding each year, but there is an alternative, SF Rec and Park offers beautiful, historic weddings locations at an affordable price.


“They say money cannot buy you love but people can spend a fortune celebrating their love,” said Amanda Lee, SF Rec and Park Wedding Permit Specialist.  “SF Rec and Park provides couples the opportunity to celebrate their love in one of our beautiful parks without breaking the bank.”


Typically, the peak season to have weddings in San Francisco’s parks is fall, especially September and October when San Francisco experience warmer weather.  And the winter months from December through March are generally considered as the low season.  However, there are many people find San Francisco’s misty weather and fog bring a sense of romance and serene during winter for their weddings as well.  While the most popular parks to host a wedding are the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park, Palace of Fine Arts Rotunda, and Queen Wilhelmina Garden by the Golden Gate Park’s Windmill, there are lesser known parks that are considered secret gems to host a wedding, such as Fay Park in Russian Hill, the Gathering Meadow at Lafayette Park, and Sunnyside Conservatory in Glen Park.


Hosting a wedding in a San Francisco park is for those who are adventurous and open to possibilities, including unpredictable weather, city events, and the likes; and definitely only for those who are ready to profess their love in public because the parks are public spaces which are still open to the public during weddings.


For more information on how to have a wedding in San Francisco parks, please visit the link: https://sfrecpark.org/permits-and-reservations/weddings/.  And for those who do not plan to have a wedding in the parks, they are always welcome to propose in the parks, check out this very romantic proposal in the park by one of the San Franciscans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw7C1k2f4ms&feature=youtu.be&list=UUaf8Vsk7iZ-RUlYsZr_QPJA.



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