California Coastal Commission Upholds Beach Chalet Renovation Project Permit


Sarah Ballard, SF Rec and Park


California Coastal Commission Upholds Beach Chalet Renovation Project Permit


SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco Recreation and Park Department announced today that California Coastal Commission has unanimously voted to uphold the permit for Beach Chalet renovation.  The Commission denied the appeal against the permit, and affirmed that the City issued the coastal permit in compliance with the Local Coastal Plan.


“The Beach Chalet renovation project has been approved by four City bodies and has the support of the elected leaders as well as many families living in San Francsico.  We are thankful that so many kids and their parents have turned out to voice their support for this project at each hearing,” said Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park General Manager.  “We are pleased that the State Coastal Commission has upheld and approved the permit for this project so now we will finally be able to provide improved play fields for San Francisco’s youth.”


In 2006, the City Fields Foundation and the City of San Francisco established the Playfields Initiative, a public-private partnership to remedy the city’s ongoing athletic field deficit through synthetic turf renovations, light installations.  Starting with renovation of Garfield Park and Silver Terrance, they represented the first stage of a multi-year collaboration between the City Fields Foundation and The City of San Francisco to improve playing fields for San Francisco’s kids and their families. In 2007-2008, the partnership led to to the renovation of South Sunset Playground and the Crocker Amazon athletic fields with synthetic turf and lights, and added new lights to the existing artificial turf field at Franklin Square Park. In 2010, Kimbell Playground’s sports field was renovated and, in 2012, replaced Mission Playground’s asphalt soccer pitch with a new synthetic turf field.


“The goal of the City Fields Foundation is to give children in every San Francisco neighborhoods the opportunity to play, and once Beach Chalet renovation is completed, we will have reached that goal,” said Susan Hirsch, the City Fields Foundation Director.  “We look forward to celebrating the opening of the new Beach Chalet play field with our many donors and supporters, and most importantly with the kids and families these fields will serve.”


San Francisco suffers a chronic shortage of play fields and the City needs help to equitably provide sports facilities for youth and adult athletic leagues especially in underserved neighborhoods.  A 2004 study found San Francisco would need to add 35 soccer fields and 30 baseball/softball fields just to meet demand. SF Rec and Park’s partnership with the City Fields Foundation helps to provide high quality play fields throughout the City.


The Beach Chalet project includes the renovation of four existing turf soccer fields with new synthetic turf. The area of renovation is approximately 482,700 square feet and will take place within the approximate footprint as the existing soccer fields. Work associated with this project includes new fencing, site drainage improvements, grading, landscaping, pathway improvements, new field lighting for evening play, and miscellaneous site amenities such as a children’s climbing structure, picnic tables, benches, bleachers, drinking fountains and trash receptacles. The existing restrooms will also be renovated with new interior fixtures in compliance with ADA requirements. This project is being implemented in partnership with the City Fields Foundation.



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