Boiler issues at Hamilton pool affect heat in locker rooms

We have had intermittent problems with that boiler since the building re-opened 5 years ago. We have continually tried to repair, replace parts, fine tune, etc. and nothing seems to last more than a few months to a year. We are now in a position that it is not working and we need to replace it completely. This boiler not only heats the building it also controls the heat to the Dehumidification Unit the controls the natatorium heat. Usually we can keep the pool area warm and the rest of the building is tolerable. Unfortunately, this time we are at a point where there is no way to keep the building, locker rooms or pool area warm. Because this is a $100,000 replacement project it has to go to bid and be awarded per City purchasing requirements. All said, it looks like this situation will not improve until the weather gets a little warmer and/or the unit can be replaced which I am told will take up to 10 to 12 weeks. – James Wheeler