Bernal Heights Park Trails Improvement Project On Hold

Person atop Bernal

This project is currently on hold. Our team applied for three grants over the last year and a half to supplement 2008 Park Bond funding because of rising construction costs.  Unfortunately, we were not awarded any of the grants; however, there is a chance that we will be chosen from the next round of Land and Water Conservation Fund grants this coming spring.

For now, we have pivoted to completing a first phase Twin Peaks Trails Improvement Project and then to Oak Woodlands in Golden Gate Park because we have 3 grants for those 2 projects that have upcoming deadlines.

We have been coordinating with the SFMTA on a new crossing at the NE corner of Bernal Hill. SFMTA is moving forward to improve this crossing, and we hope to be able to improve the trailhead following their improvements.

For more information about the park and to find volunteer opportunities to work with our Operations staff, please visit the following page of our website:

Thank you for your patience. Please stay tuned for more updates!