Balboa Pool Renovation – October Construction Update

The Recreation and Park Department is undertaking a renovation of Balboa Pool. The project commenced in November 2017, and the department currently anticipates re-opening the facility in early 2018.

Earlier this week I was privileged to give a construction tour to a few Havelock Street neighbors. The group got to see the newly installed air handling and dehumidification equipment, formwork for the new entry stairs and ramp, walked through the new locker rooms, and observed the new tile going in for the pool gutter and lane lines.

Work Occurring this Month:

  1. Concrete work for the new entry stairs and ramp
  2. Mechanical connections and duct work for new dehumidification system
  3. Installation of pool pumps, filters, and water circulation equipment
  4. Installation of the new fire sprinkler system

Progress Photos

Tour Group

Havelock St. neighbors: David Hooper, Prudence Hull, & Joe Litehiser

Entry Stairs

Entry stair & ramp formwork

Mechanical Equipment

New dehumidification mechanical equipment

Lane Line Tile

Lane line tiles

Renovation Project Scope:

  1. Full interior renovation of the pool building
  2. Replacement of the pool mechanical equipment, pumps, and piping
  3. Replacement of the pool deck, finishes, and gutter
  4. Addition of a new bulkhead divider in pool to provide dedicated lap lanes and lessons areas
  5. Installation of a new de-humidification system and building mechanical system
  6. Addition of a new exterior mechanical enclosure
  7. Replacement of the existing windows with new energy efficient windows
  8. New locker rooms, bathrooms, and staff facilities, and interior finishes
  9. Full ADA accessibility upgrades to all building elements
  10. New multi-purpose/community room
  11. Addition of a new exterior entry ramp and canopy

Thank you for your continued support for the project, we will continue to provide additional updates on progress.  Please feel free to direct any questions to the Project Manager, Levi Conover at 415-581-2572 or