Balboa Pool Renovation – March Construction Update

We have recently received a lot of interest from the community in the status of construction for the Balboa Pool Renovation.

Our current estimate to re-open Balboa Pool is in the summer of 2018. The project has experienced delays to the original schedule due to unforeseen site conditions and our new electrical service to the building.

One of the major changes to the project scope is full replacement of the building’s window system. Mid-way through construction we determined the old window system was in too poor a condition to refurbish or warranty. The new window system comes with increased energy efficiency, better functionality, and a fully warranty.

The contractor recently removed the concrete form work from the new entry ramp and stairs, and it is all looking great. These elements are a significant feature of the new building design. During the next month we will be installing the new window system on the Havelock Street front building façade, and will be doing site work and grading at the site entry.

The project delays we are experiencing at Balboa Pool are a constant challenge when renovating buildings that are 60+ years old. We are working with the contractor to complete the project as efficiently as possible, and thank the community for your understanding with the delay. We are very excited to re-open the pool later this year.

Thank you for your continued support for the project, we will continue to provide additional updates on progress.  Please feel free to direct any questions to the Project Manager, Levi Conover at 415-581-2572 or

Balboa Entry Canopy

New Entry Canopy and Stairs

Balboa Entry Ramp

New Entry Ramp

Balboa Facade 1

New Window System

Balboa Facade 2

New Window System

Balboa Window Interior

New Windows Interior View