Balboa Pool Construction Update

Unfortunately, the Balboa Pool project bids all came in over our budget. This continues to be a challenging bidding environment on all fronts, including  material cost increases, competition for labor and a very hot market for builders.

We are re bidding the project now and bids will be received in about 35 days. We are embarking on a more robust outreach strategy to the contracting community to ensure that there is enough interest and more competition to get better pricing.

We are not changing the scope, and the project will still comprise the major  elements the community supported during the design process, including but not limited to;

  • Dedicated community room
  • Defined Canopy entry that is accessible
  • New mechanical/plumbing systems to improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort
  • New locker rooms
  • A new accessible Ramp.
  • New accessible Pool Lifts for the disabled
  • New site plan that delineates pedestrian and vehicular paths for safety.

As soon as bids are received early next month, our plan is to fast track Commission and contract approval  so that work can start  June 2016  so that that it can be open to the public in June of 2017, in time for the summer. When we get the contractor on board, we intend on discussing   with them to see ways we can shave time of the schedule to open sooner, at no cost to the City of course.

In the meantime, we are adding  signage at the site and on-line to remind swimmers about alternate pools to visit.

Thanks to everyone for their patience, construction will begin soon!