Fillmore Turk Mini Park – October 2019

Exciting News! Late September, Recreation and Park Commission approved design for Fillmore Turk Mini Park. Now, the design team can proceed with construction documents to realize the improvements initiated by Community Opportunity Fund (COF) award in 2016. Over the past year, the project team gathered the existing conditions documentation, conducted … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation Update – September 26, 2019

It’s been a busy summer….with lots of subsurface work (irrigation, sewer and electrical lines); however, now building is taking shape! The basement concrete walls and ceiling were installed and now, the building’s steel structure at plaza level is being framed. Compare the construction photos with previous renderings presented at our … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation Update – April 26, 2019

Demolition is 99% complete – and the park is taking shape: See photos of the new community building form work and the location of the new playground nestled against Turk Street. Thank you for your patience during construction. Due to unforeseen weather impacts on construction, we will be extending the … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation Update – Feb, 15 2019

Demolition is 85% complete – Only 1.5 buildings remain to be removed…and the first concrete footings will be poured next week. Check out the formwork awaiting concrete trucks next week: Margaret S. Hayward Playground Renovation or cut and paste into your browser: UPDATE ON TENNIS COURTS: Extending the tennis … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation Update – Feb 2019

Demolition is 80% complete – most of the existing buildings have been removed! See the photo of the HUGE excavation made for new community building foundation. New development: We will be extending the tennis court closure until February 15th * During demolition, the engineers uncovered an unforeseen structural condition on … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation-December 2018

Demolition to begin in January! Throughout the next few months, the park will be transformed by the removal of all existing park buildings and site features. This month’s tasks were: RPD salvaged a parts of playground equipment, restroom accessories and building furnishings which will be re-purposed in city park sites … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation Begins November 2018!

M Hayward Const Advisory Notice (2018 1109) There is a buzz around the park because construction is starting late November 2018! The attached flyer was posted around the park initiating the preparations for construction. In the next few weeks, the construction team will be surveying the area to install construction … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation-Award-October 2018

Last month, Commission approved the award of construction contract to Robert A. Bothman Construction who is currently submitting their documents to certify the award, so they can mobilize onsite this fall. Construction will start this fall, mid to late November 2018. Stay tuned for specific details and dates to be … Continue reading

Margaret Hayward Playground Renovation-Bid/Award-August 2018

Exciting News- the project received several bids and SF Public Works- Contract Administration team is in the process of confirming that city requirements are met before identifying the winning bidder. Once the information is verified, the contractor can be announced and construction contract awarded. For additional details on the bid/award … Continue reading

South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – March 2018, follow up

Warmer weather has arrived for us to complete the traffic calming features! Please be mindful the next several weeks of parking restrictions at both ends of South Park (indicated in red on the attached map).South Park Update & Parking Restrictions 2018 0327 Expected activities: The crew will first remove and patch … Continue reading

South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – Update March 2018

All the bulb-outs and curb cuts in the surrounding sidewalk into South Park are completed! The asphalt stamping will be installed over a two week period in March, pending weather conditions. The process is similar to street paving. The stamping equipment slowly heats the asphalt and impresses a cobblestone pattern, … Continue reading

South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – Update Jan 2018

Two of the three South Park bulb-outs are done! The third bulb out (on the northwest corner) will be completed late January/early February, pending adverse weather. You’ll notice the engineers confirming the structural substrate for accessible crosswalk are compliant prior to the concrete pour this month. The remaining tasks are: Street … Continue reading

Parking Restrictions for Sidewalk Improvements – start Oct. 13, 2017

Sidewalk improvements on South Park southeast corner (near Second Street) will be starting this Friday 10/13/2017. The work will take approximately 10 calendar days and will include sidewalk demolition, and bulb out installation with concrete form work and concrete pours and curb cuts for a safe and accessible entrance into … Continue reading

South Park Traffic Calming Improvements – Fall 2017

  The Traffic Calming Improvements at South Park will be starting this October and include sidewalk bulb-outs, asphalt stamping and crosswalk striping for pedestrian safety and park access. Streets will remain open to vehicles; however, expect intermittent delays and partial sidewalk closures throughout construction. Target construction schedule is: October & … Continue reading

Kimbell Restroom Gates to be installed Fall 2017!

The sliding gate featured above, one for each restroom, is being fabricated for installation September/October 2017.  The restrooms will remain open during the month long installation, although at times, access to the restrooms may be temporarily delayed or interrupted for public safety. Please stay tuned! For questions, please contact Marien … Continue reading

Hilltop (Sundial) Park – Playground repairs June 5-9, 2017

Construction Advisory: June 5-9, 2017 Hilltop Playground will remain open during the repair to the see-saw bumper. The scope of work consists of removing and replacing the bumper and patching the safety surface. Robert A. Bothman (Construction),  Community Playgrounds and Robertson Industries (wearing branded safety vests) will perform the repairs throughout … Continue reading

Update on South Park Renovation 12/9/2016

We’re beginning sewer work on Monday, December 12, 2016! This is a necessary step because the remaining tasks can follow. We could not start earlier digging due to permit officials thorough review of the traffic impacts to the neighborhood during the holiday moratorium on excavation in this district. We received the permits … Continue reading

What are those mini mounds at South Park?

It is the extra soil generated by the underground installation of plumbing and electrical utilities, trees wells, concrete foundations, etc. The extra soil will be off-hauled starting early morning on Oct 10. For safety and maneuverability, there will be no parking on both sides of the south side of South … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory (M-7/18/16 to W-7/20/16)

Tree pruning is taking a little longer that two days and will run into next week. The contractors are only posting NO PARKING signs immediately adjacent the area of daily work and only on the ‘park side’ of South Park Street. Additional signs will be posted throughout next week. Parking will be allowed across … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory (W-7/13/16 to Th-7/14/16)

Great news! More construction activity at South Park! Tree pruning within the park will start on Wednesday, July 13 and continue through Thursday, July 14, 2016  from 8AM to 5PM. Please note that NO PARKING will be allowed on the ‘park side’ of South Park Street.The signs were just posted today. Parking will be … Continue reading

South Park Renovation – Parking Advisory!

Construction of South Park Renovation started last Thursday, January 14, 2016, with the installation of fences! The park is closed for the duration of construction and anticipated completion is late Fall 2016.For your safety, please use the pedestrian sidewalk across the street from the park. No Parking will be available along sections … Continue reading

Lincoln Park Steps-Update 05/2015

Lincoln Park Steps are officially open! Please join Friends of Lincoln Park, San Francisco Parks Alliance and Recreation and Park Department on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 4PM for a ribbon cutting celebration of the beautification of these steps.

Lincoln Park Steps Improvement Project

So much has happened at the end of California Street’s gateway to Lincoln Park. The artwork at the top of the stairs, completed in 2011, now cascades in full color down the 57 steps entering the park, a beautiful transition from street. No longer will pedestrians run through these steps without … Continue reading

Kimbell Playground Renovation-update 10/2014

Walk the perimeter of the construction site for a glimpse of: Building: The plumbing and electrical work in the building are about 40% completed. The new door frames are being installed. The roof is completely sealed in case of early rain…..the sky is already misting this week. Playground: The playground boundaries are in place … Continue reading

SFLBC-Bowling Green 1-June Update

Zoom into Google satellite to see the ‘wood form work’ that surrounds Green 1. In the next five weeks, concrete will be poured in stages from gutter to perimeter fence walls. For your safety, the northern section of the Sharon Meadows parking lot will be closed for construction on the following days. Please … Continue reading

Upper Douglass Dog Park -Update 6/1/2014

Can you spot the grid pattern throughout the field? Those are 1”wide by 9” deep sand channels that will aid the soil in absorbing standing water. The sand removes the water from the surface so the top soil won’t get muddy and also holds moisture within the soil so the lawn can absorb … Continue reading

Upper Douglass Dog Park – Update 03/18/2014

Good news! Construction started this week at Upper Douglass Dog Park. Over the next two weeks, there will be minimal site work as the lead contractor samples the soil before mobilizing for construction end of the month. Then there will be several months of construction such as trenching, installing additional catch … Continue reading

Raymond S. Kimbell Playground Renovation

Join us for a project update of the Raymond S. Kimbell Playground Renovation: Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 6PM Hamilton Recreation Center, 1900 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco. San Francisco Recreation and Park staff will provide an overview of the project features, the status update and future construction, scheduled start this … Continue reading

Upper Douglass Dog Park-Update 01/31/2014

Thank you all for your participation in last night’s community meeting. Rec and Park staff presented the solution to the drainage issues which include minor lawn excavation to install one inch pipes in a grid pattern underneath the lawn. These pipes will both contain and redirect surface water.  In addition, … Continue reading

Irrigation system installed at Upper Douglass Dog Park

All trenches have been backfilled and infrastructure is almost complete.  As you can see from the photo, the new irrigation system works beautifully. The sod will be delivered and installed later this week, marking the most difficult and delicate part of the improvement- the sod (lawn) establishment. The lawn will look … Continue reading