Construction Starting At Panhandle Playground

Dear Panhandle Playground Friends, I’m very excited to announce that we will begin construction on Monday, April 8! The entire playground and surrounding areas will close for the construction duration. The basketball courts, rain garden, and bathrooms will remain open. The south pathway will remain open for the majority of … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio – Fence Improvements

Hello Neighbors! We hope that you are enjoying the new and improved Joe DiMaggio Playground!  As you may have noticed, the contractor has been on site making improvements to the perimeter fence. Portions of the original installed fence were not accepted by the Recreation and Parks Department and the contractor is replacing … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – Almost There!

Dear Neighbors, It’s been awhile since my last post, but things are moving along quickly out at the park.  I am pleased to announce that the Rec & Park Department is throwing a grand opening event on Saturday, November 14th!  Save the Date! I will post the event details later this month. In the … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio – construction photos

Hello Everyone – progress at the construction site is going very well. Here are a few recent photos from within the construction zone to show the progress. A view of the western side of the site, showing the newly finished tennis courts: The new bocce courts and picnic area (the wood … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Construction Updates

Hello Everyone, We are making steady progress with the Joe DiMaggio Playground’s construction. Most notably, the retaining walls all have a fresh coat of paint on them and the tennis court has fences and new lights. The contractor is focusing on the western edge of the site, including the old Mason Street area and … Continue reading

Recent Construction Photos of Joe DiMaggio Playground

We’re moving along quickly over at the Joe DiMaggio Playground & I have a few exciting updates and photos to share: The asphalt is down at the new tennis courts. Next week, you’ll start to see walls painted, the fences installed, and then the final athletic surfacing and striping installed.  … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – Construction Advisory

Hello Neighbors, The contractor will soon begin work on the small storage room along the south wall of the “blacktop” area. In order to access the storage room safely, they will be closing a portion of the parking and the sidewalk along Greenwich Street starting late this week.  We expect this … Continue reading

Dolores Park is Opening!

In 2 short weeks, the north side of the park will reopen! It’s time to celebrate! Please join us for an opening celebration on Thursday June 18th from 3:00pm – 7:00pm. In the spirit of Leave No Trace, the opening celebration will be a Silent Disco Party. Wireless headphones will be loaned to attendees … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – Construction Advisory

Hello Neighbors, The contractor has a few advisories regarding the construction site over the next few weeks: 1.  Mason Street Promenade closure: in preparation of construction of the old Mason Street portion of the site, the contractor will place temporary fencing along the two ends of the current pathway & … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – Construction Updates

The construction at the Joe DiMaggio Playground is moving smoothly & a lot of exciting progress has occurred in the last few weeks. As with all construction projects, infrastructure work is the first to occur with items like earthwork, drainage, utilities. This important infrastructure is placed first and supports the final improvements. … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – CONSTRUCTION ALERT!

Hello Neighbors, the next major milestone is about to start at the site: placing large steel piles for the retaining wall. The contractor will begin “driving piles” as soon as this week. Please be aware that this activity can be loud. The pile driving should be complete within 1 week of it starting. … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park – Construction Update

The last 2 weeks have shown incredible progress at the park, with large sections of grass sod placed. Our on-site staff and contractors are constantly stopped and asked if it’s artificial turf. To clarify:  it’s real grass! There is still work to be done in the north half, including finishing the sports … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – Construction Update

Have you walked by the project site lately?  If not, this is a photo from Tuesday showing the progress. Demolition is almost complete in the western half of the site, and the contractor is starting to place formwork for a wall that will create the edge of the new tennis court. The concrete … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park – Sod Installation

Today is another big construction milestone at the park – the remaining sections of the north side of the park are receiving grass sod. The contractor should finish the installation this week, and then repair the sections that were damaged by last month’s vandalism. Check out photos and use this link to view a short video of today’s … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park – Construction Updates and Vandalism Reports

Construction at Mission Dolores Park is still moving ahead, despite the recent vandalism to the construction site during the weekend of February 14. The vandalism caused about $100,000 in damage and will likely delay the reopening of the north side of the park. The majority of the damage was incurred when … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – Construction Update

Demolition is under full-swing at the playground these days. While the site has appeared a little quiet recently, the contractor was actively working on the site and behind the scenes ensuring important measures were taken before the big equipment arrived. The playground is almost completely gone now and the contractor will … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – Construction Starting!

Hello Joe DiMaggio Playground Neighbors, Happy New Year!  I have exciting news to share – construction will begin this Thursday, January 29th!  What does this mean for you? The entire playground will close starting this Thursday morning – get out and play on the vintage courts and play equipment while … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park Construction Updates

Happy New Year everyone!  It’s been a little while since our last post, so we have a lot of updates to share. Despite the heavy rains in December, the contractor is moving ahead with the project.  The Operations & Maintenance building is almost complete, with our operations team planning to … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – construction notices

We are fast approaching the start of construction at the park.  The contractor is preparing their final paperwork now and we are slated to start construction mid-January. Park closure notices & tree removal signs were posted recently at the park. Large banners with additional information will be hung in early … Continue reading

Vandalism at Mission Dolores Park

Sadly, Mission Dolores Park has seen a big rise in graffiti and vandalism recently. The Recreation & Park Department has reached out to SFPD’s Mission Station to help control the problem. KTVU captured the vandalism in a recent story – click here to watch. Dolores Park is beloved park by many San … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park – Construction Sneak Peeks

Curious about what’s going on inside the fence?  Here’s a few photos of the recent progress. This first one shows the contractor getting ready to dig footings for the multi-use court:Plumbing is in at the North Restroom! The sidewalk on Dolores Street is almost complete. This section is close to 18th … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park – Palm Tree Transplant

If you were at the park last week, you may have witnessed another amazing construction moment – the transplanting of 2 mature palm trees. Here’s how they did it: Step 1: The crew, led by palm experts, tie up the palm tree fronds & excavate the root ball:  Step 2: the … Continue reading

Joe Dimaggio Playground – site closure & construction updates

The library demolition is complete & the playground is almost fully reopened! The tennis courts & bocce courts have been reopened for a couple weeks now, and the older kids’ playground reopened this week. The contractor is still on site to install some temporary improvements & intends to reopen the smaller … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park – Construction Photos

We couldn’t be more excited about these construction photos!  The new accessible pathway has been installed, the concrete at the plaza and promenade are almost finished, and the North Restroom has a beautiful cedar ceiling: Exciting finishes will be installed in the next couple of weeks and we will continue to add more photos … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park – Dolores Street Sidewalk Repairs

The Mission Dolores Park contractor will be repairing the sidewalk on 18th Dolores Street between 18th and 19th Streets starting Monday September 8th. The sidewalk will be closed for about 1 week during this process. In fact, pathways around the entire park are continuing to take form. This photo is of the … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park Construction Updates

The past couple weeks have provided some beautiful construction photos. Above is a view of the north field, where the soil piles are quickly being removed. The new field will soon be leveled and ready for its state-of-the-art drainage system. Below is the new North Restroom during construction of the roof. Finally, a big reveal … Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio Playground – Old Library Demo Update

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!  A quick update on the library demolition project that is affecting portions of our playground.  The contractor completed the interior demolition a couple weeks ago, and after a short delay, is back on site this week to finish the demolition. What does this mean … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park – The Mexican Liberty Bell Gets a New Home

Check out this great time lapse video of the Mexican Liberty Bell moving into its new home! While on the crane, the bell was weighed and came in at 15,000 pounds. The bell is an important part of the history of the park and will be the central feature of the improved 19th Street Plaza. Curious to know … Continue reading

Mission Dolores Park – Upcoming Construction Alert

The Mission Dolores Park contractor will start construction early this Thursday morning, July 10th. Alten Construction will be pouring the concrete foundation for the Operations & Maintenance building near the corner of 18th and Church Streets. The concrete pour will start at 4:00 am and end at 3:00 pm. There … Continue reading

Construction Check-In at Dolores Park

At this moment in the construction process, a lot of “ground work” is occurring, including laying down the drainage systems, trenching for utilities, and grading for the new paths and sports courts. In the next couple of weeks, you’ll start to see some exciting above-ground improvements. A lot of concrete … Continue reading