Augmented summer maintenance services for Dolores Park

In order to meet  peak summer demand at Dolores Park, there will be augmented trash pick up and porta pottie services put in place. These service changes will be in place for this coming weekend, and continue throughout the busy summer months.

Recology is instituting a new evening trash pickup service at 7 pm that will address the high level of trash generation that occurs as patrons leave the park. In addition, Recology will continue last years program of deploying a roving staff person  to clean up around the heavily impacted ‘street can’ trash stations on the perimeter of the park. This roving clean up service is scheduled for afternoons and evenings on Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays. Thanks to Recology for this expanded service!

6 porta pottie units are now in place at 19th and Dolores for use throughout the summer. This is  a continuation of last year’s summer service that was effective in reducing restroom lines  during our busy season.

RPD will have its usual complement of  staff on duty Saturdays and Sundays to ensure that morning park clean ups are carried out effectively on the weekends.