Alvord Tunnel Construction Update

IMG 3570

Wall pre-repair


IMG 0013

Wall now reset and patching is underway

IMG 0020

View of tunnel and bridge with repaired wall in place

IMG 0023

Extension of wall on southwest side of bridge now revealed – had been covered in dirt for years.

The repair of Alvord Lake Bridge is in full swing with the failing wall now reset in place and the pouring of the concrete retaining wall behind it taking place today.

The westbound sidewalk along Kezar Drive on the south side of the bridge is now closed as the new sidewalk and curb will be constructed in the coming weeks. Pedestrian traffic is now redirected to other pathways.

The tunnel itself will be closed periodically as heavy equipment is operating in the area, but we are trying to keep it open as much as possible.

Expected completion is April 2019.