Budget & Financial Information

Budget Process

The budget process allows the City to make resource allocation decisions, including choices about staffing, technology, equipment and priorities to be addressed in the coming fiscal year. A very user-friendly booklet about the City’s budget process and how a citizen can get involved can be found on the Controller’s Web site (in multiple languages) by clicking on the link below:

A Guide to San Francisco’s Budget Process…

Although the Board of Supervisors does not review the Department’s budget until June, the Department starts preparing at least 6 months prior. The Department looks at revenue and expenditure projections and starts to develop options for balancing its budget based on budget instructions issued by the Mayor’s Office in November. Budget options are aired, changed, and refined based on community and Commission input. Budget updates are provided during the budget process at least every other month to the Commission.

Citizen Participation

Citizens are encouraged to participate in the budget planning process through a variety of avenues, such as attending and speaking at Recreation and Park Commission meetings, participating in one of the three community meetings held by the Department on the Budget, and writing the Commission or Department.

All reports below are in (PDF) format: