Palace of Fine Arts Request for Concept Proposals

The Recreation and Park Department is pleased to announce the Request for Concept Proposals for the lease of the Palace of Fine Arts building in San Francisco. For information about this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please visit the links below or contact Cassandra Costello at, 415-831-2791.

To review the responses to the RFCP, please visit our proposals page.

Palace Presentations

On June 23, 2015 the Department held a public meeting at the Palace of Fine Arts and asked each of the seven respondents to provide ten minute presentations of their proposals.  The Department video recorded the meeting and the Q&A session, which can be viewed here:

Request for Concept Proposals
Request for Concept Proposals (PDF)

Amendment 1 – Inclusion of Soft Costs in the Cost Estimate
Amendment 1

Amendment 2 – Deadline Extension-New Submission Deadline-May 22, 2015
Amendment 2

Appendix D: Conditions Assessment Report by EHDD
Part One-Conditions Assessment Report
Part Two-Conditions Assessment Report

Appendix E: Tenant Options Summary by EHDD
Tenant Options Summary

Appendix F: Form Lease
Form Lease

Pre-bid Conference Attendees
Pre-bid Attendees

December 1, 2014 Pre-bid Conference Presentation
Pre-bid Presentation (MS Powerpoint)

Short Video Summary of the RFCP

Palace of Fine Arts RFCP – Public Questions and Answers
Palace of Fine Arts RFCP Questions and Answers

Interested Party Statements