Lake Merced West

This is a rare and unique opportunity to partner with the City to provide outdoor recreation and amenities at Lake Merced. This property is the largest area of flat land outside of Harding Park Golf Course and is adjacent to the south shoreline of Lake Merced and John Muir Drive, just east of the intersection with Skyline Boulevard.

For information about this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please visit the links below or contact Cassandra Costello at, 415-831-2791.

Community Meetings

Response to Lake Merced West RFP



Letters of Interest

The Department will accept letters from interested parties who wish to express their interest in offering a service(s) at Lake Merced West, but might not have capacity or interest to respond to the RFP on their own.  This online posting venue provides an opportunity for interested parties to connect to one another to determine if there is a joint operating fit.  If you submit a Letter of Interest, please make sure to indicate the type of service(s) you wish to offer and your contact information so other parties can follow up with you. A Letter of Interest will not constitute a formal response to the RFP.


Interior Photos of Existing Buildings