Park Maintenance Standards and Scores

Each quarter, the San Francisco Park Evaluation Program evaluates all Recreation and Park Department (RPD) parks that are currently open to the public (except those exclusively used as a community garden, golf course, dedicated open space, paid facility, or natural area). Larger parks are subdivided for evaluation purposes in order to maximize the consistency of evaluations across the city as to their time, effort, and accuracy. At the current time, 232 sites are evaluated, and more are expected as new properties are developed and large sites are further subdivided.  All RPD supervisors, managers and administrators (as well as certain City Services Auditor staff from the Controller’s Office) receive basic park evaluation training and then serve as SFPEP evaluators, making unannounced visits to different parks each quarter, applying rigorous standards detailed in the documents below, and entering results via a customized web-based application on hand-held devices. Evaluators also participate in an annual refresher training and have their evaluation work reviewed on an ongoing basis. No evaluator is assigned to any site for which they have direct supervisory responsibility.

The Park Maintenance Standards Annual Report by the joint effort of the Controller's Office and Recreation and Parks can be found in the Controller's Office's website here:

Evaluation results from fiscal year 2018 are available here:

Evaluation results from fiscal year 2015 to fiscal year 17 are available at  Results from prior years are given below: