A look at Disk Golf

“Disc Golf is a sport similar to Golf. Rather than using clubs to get a ball into a hole, players throw discs into a basket. The goal of Disc Golf is to complete the hole in as few throws as possible. Similar to golf clubs there are many discs that do different things. Drivers, Midrange and Putters cost less than $20 each and last for many years. With over 500,000 regular players per year in the United States, Disc Golf is one of the most rapidly growing, inexpensive, healthy and fun sports out there today.” – Jake McDermott SFRPD –


History Of Disk Golf (From Wikipedia): The early history of disc golf is closely tied to the somewhat mysterious history of the recreational flying disc (especially as popularized by Wham-O Inc.’s trademarked Frisbees) and may have been invented in the early 1900s, but it is not known for sure. Modern disc golf started in the early 1960s, when it seems to have been invented in many places and by many people independently. Students at Rice University in Houston, Texas, for example, held tournaments with trees as targets as early as 1964. Two of the best-known figures in the sport are George Sappenfield, who privately called the game “Basket Frisbee”, and “Steady Ed” Headrick who coined the term “Disc Golf” and who introduced the first formal disc golf target with chains and a basket, the Mach 1. In 1975, Headrick formed the first disc golf association, the PDGA, which now officiates the standard rules of play for the sport. The sport has grown at a rate of 12-15 percent annually for more than the past decade, with nearly 3,000 courses in the US and over 3,000 globally. The game is now played in over 40 countries worldwide, primarily in North America, Central and Western Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Keep a look out for more disk golf coming to classes and camps for Leisure Services in the near future.