A Brand New Fulton Playground to Open in Richmond District

SF Rec and Park to host ribbon cutting ceremony for Fulton Playground


A Brand New Fulton Playground to Open in Richmond District
SF Rec and Park to host ribbon cutting ceremony for Fulton Playground


SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD) in partnership with District 1 Supervisor Eric Mar, Rec and Park Commission President Mark Buell, the Department of Public Works, and the Arts Commission hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony and welcomed about 175 students from Argonne Elementary School, and Richmond District neighbors.  This event celebrated one of the many completed park and playground renovations from the 2008 voter-backed Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.


“We are thankful that the 2008 Parks Bond helps to rebuild Fulton Playground so that it can better serve the Richmond District,” Supervisor Eric Mar said.  “But we also have recognized that there are still many neighborhood parks in need of renovation in San Francisco, and we must continue this effort of improving our parks.”


With 71 percent support, San Francisco voters voted in 2008 to designate more than $4 million of the 185 million Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond for the renovation of Fulton Playground, to maintain the park’s presence and ensuring the highest quality of recreational space for decades to come.


“While with the 2008 Parks Bond, we are able to renovate some of our neighborhood parks and make them safer and cleaner, the Department is still facing $1 billion of maintenance needs in our park system,” said, Phil Ginsburg, SF Rec and Park General Manger.  “We believe every neighborhood deserves better parks and playgrounds, and we are committed to accomplish this mission.”


Fulton Playground is a 40,586 square-foot park located in a lot spans between 27th and 28th avenues, midway between Cabrillo and Fulton streets.  This urban park is surrounded by single-family homes and it is a block away from Golden Gate Park.  The playground consists of a club house, two children’s play areas, three paved multi-use paved areas, a paved picnic area, two basketball courts, and one tennis court.


“We’re proud to have designed this beautiful playground for a neighborhood that is home to so many families,” said Department of Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru. “With the historic restoration and seismic strengthening of the clubhouse, the park is ready to serve the community for many more years to come.”


The renovation included the rehabilitation of the historic clubhouse, the construction of the two children’s play areas, tennis and basketball courts, restoration of the perimeter fencing and curb walls, upgrades to the infrastructure including lighting, construction of new pathways and ramps to improve disabled access, and overall enhancement of the park landscape.


According to Director of Cultural Affairs Tom DeCaigny, “Moto Ohtake transforms the coastal winds that are a constant at Fulton Playground into a mesmerizing work of art. A wonderful addition to the neighborhood, the sculpture captivates viewers with its elegance and dynamic movement.”

The newly renovated playground also will feature a new public artwork by artist Moto Ohtake.  Commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission, Aero #8 is a 22-foot wind driven kinetic sculpture comprised of several interlocking loops that move in continuous gyroscopic circular motions, allowing viewers to experience an infinite number of movement combinations in response to changes in wind patterns.


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