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Youth Stewardship Program Application

  1. Students in the mist_McLaren Park
  2. Application Schedule

    This year we are staggering our application schedule to better and more equitably serve our students. We will be opening the YSP application to groups on the following schedule:

    8/22/22 - 9/19/22: Schools and groups located within Equity Zones*

    9/19/22 - 10/17/22: Schools and groups located within Equity Zones and all SFUSD schools

    10/17/22 - onward: Application open to all schools and groups

    If you submit an application on behalf of school or group before the applicable stage, your application will be placed on a waitlist and we will contact you to begin coordination once your stage is reached.

    We will be limiting the number of applications from each school to 2 (ex. two 2nd grade classes from one school or one 3rd grade and one 5th grade class) until 10/17/22. At that point, if additional classes would like to apply we will schedule them too!

    *Equity Zone priority is based on this map.

  3. Trip Details

    YSP trips are ~2.5 hours long and consist of both an environmental education and habitat restoration component. Group leaders have the option to choose from several educational themes for each trip and habitat restoration usually involves removing invasive plants, though the work is site-specific. All necessary gloves and tools are provided!

  4. Date: We will begin leading trips at the end of November. Dates selected less than three weeks from submission of this application may not be guaranteed. Trips requested within a week will not be accepted.

    **Our educators lead trips Wednesday - Friday. Please select a date that falls on one of those days.**

  5. Location: Please note that we do not offer transportation, but do our best to find placements within a reasonable distance to your school/program site, unless a different park choice is specified. 

    ** Trips to Alemany Farm must fall on Thursdays.**

    Click here for park descriptions & restroom availability.

  6. Educational Theme: Each trip focuses on a specific theme--we recommend starting with Sense of Place for your first trip and following with whatever themes are most relevant to your group's curriculum for the year.

  7. COVID-19

    **Programming is contingent on current COVID-19 safety protocols--we will be adhering to the Department of Public Health's guidance in leading field trips. Masks are currently recommended but not required.

  8. Introductory Classroom Visit (Optional)

    An in-class visit consists of an overview presentation on San Francisco's natural history and what it means to be a park steward, followed by a hands-on activity.

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  10. YSP Field Trips
  11. Will your group be taking a lunch break during the trip?*
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  19. Will your group be taking a lunch break during the trip?*
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  22. Education Theme (Alemany Farm)*
  23. Will your group be taking a lunch break during the trip?*
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  25. Education Theme (Heron's Head Park)*
  26. Education Theme (Alemany Farm)*
  27. Will your group be taking a lunch break during the trip?*
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  29. Education Theme (Heron's Head Park)*
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  31. Group Information
  32. Grade(s)*
  33. Please indicate any special needs of your group and if accommodations are needed. If you know of any allergies in your group, please list them here.
  34. Have you participated in YSP in the past?
  35. How did you hear about the Youth Stewardship Program?
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