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Greenager Program Application 2021

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  2. The Greenager Program is a San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and Port of San Francisco youth stewardship and leadership program that runs from June through November (6 months). The program was created and designed to offer teens a chance to play an important role in the community by improving the city’s green spaces, raising awareness, creating place-based projects and/or projects based on issues or themes participants value and are interested in.

    The program is for rising 9th and 10th graders that live in or attend a school in the Southeast or Northeast neighborhoods of San Francisco. Greenagers are trained and provided with multiple leadership opportunities. They lead public volunteer service projects, participate in community events, go on fun team excursions and more.

    APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 19, 2021

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  7. Northeast Crew: You must live in or attend a school in District 3, 5, or 6
    Southeast Crew: You must live in or attend a school in District 9, 10, or 11

    District 3: Chinatown
    District 5: Western Addition, Fillmore
    District 6: Tenderloin, Treasure Island
    District 9: Portola, Bernal Heights
    District 10: Bayview, Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, Silver Terrace
    District 11: Excelsior, Crocker Amazon

    *These are not full lists of the neighborhoods in each district—please look up your supervisory district if you do not see your neighborhood listed.

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