Lake Merced Park Picnic Area


1 Harding Road
San Francisco, CA 94132

The Lake Merced picnic area is located on 1 Harding Road It is closely located near the Lake Merced Boathouse.

Picnic Features

  • Seven non-reservable spots surround the Lake Merced picnic area - each spot has 1 to 2 tables with a total of 13 tables at this location.
  • Parking is limited and non-reservable.
  • BBQ Grills are temporarily unavailable at this site.
  • Restrooms are located directly across the street on the west side of Lake Merced Boathouse.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted at Lake Merced.
  • Jump! Inflatable play structures are welcome (additional permit required). No electricity is provided.

Picnic Areas

Yes; Multiple First Come First Serve Areas


Yes - Lot Available (Limited Availability)

Additional Park Picnic Area Information

  • Alcohol: Not Allowed
  • BBQ Grills are temporarily unavailable at this site.
  • Jumpers Allowed:  Yes - Silent Generators Only - Additional Permit Required
  • Restrooms: Yes


View the Picnic Area Map page to see a map of the area.

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