Crocker Amazon Steps


Crocker Amazon Playground not only features a children's playground, but 5 soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, tennis, basketball and bocce courts. Additionally, there is a clubhouse, community garden and a dog play area. Crocker Amazon is located in District 11 at the intersection of Moscow Street and Geneva Avenue.

Scope of Work

The improvements will be focused on re-building the existing stairs into the Park from Prague Street with box steps and a handrail, formalizing two sections of social trails (from Dublin Street to Prague Street within the park, and Prague Street to approximately Munich Street within the Park) and removing hazardous trees. A new pathway will connect the trail to the corner of Moscow Street and France Avenue, and a new player's bench will be installed behind the backstop. New signage will be located at the Park entrance at the corner of Moscow Street and France Avenue and at near the Dublin Street entrance.

Funding Source

Funding for this project is from Round 3 of the Community Opportunity Fund, and the Forestry Program of the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.