Park Playfields Program

Get ready to go out and play, San Francisco! Through the Park Playfield Repair and Reconstruction Program initiative, part of our 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, we are working with the City Fields Foundation to provide $8.5 million worth of renovations and improvements to several fields across the City.

Over the years, a chronic shortage of quality athletic fields has made it difficult for sports-loving locals to enjoy their favorite pastimes. Through our program, we have provided new life to the following list of fields across the City with new synthetic turf and lights. We have also increased the capacity by approximately 72,000 hours of ground sports playtime to those fields.


We recently completed the renovation of Minnie Lovie Athletic Fields and are currently renovating the Beach Chalet Fields. In previous years, we invested over $8 million in this program through a revenue bond. Through the current 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, we are adding another $8.5 million to support the cause. With $25 million in matching funds from the City Fields Foundation, we will all be playing soon!

Synthetic Playfields Task Force

In 2008 a Task Force was formed, view all of the findings and other documentation.