Park Forestry Program

The Recreation and Park Department's forest, estimated to contain roughly 100,000 trees, has not received major physical attention since planting. While one of the most important elements of our urban parks are the trees, a thorough assessment or plan for their care, repair and the planting of new trees has not been identified. This program takes the first proactive steps toward repairing and restoring the park forest including new tree planting.

Our goal is to ensure the health and vitality of our trees and the communities that enjoy them! As part of our Park Forestry Program, we are using $4 million to assess and treat part of our aging canopy and revitalize our urban forest, providing all San Franciscans healthy, safe, and sustainable greenery.

Additional Information

For issues regarding hazardous trees or tree removal please contact Kelly Cornell at 415-831-6335.

  1. Omar Davis

    Project Manager
    Phone: 1-628-652-6644