Securing Vessels to Pilings

Due to several vessels becoming snagged on torqued tires and environmental concerns, beginning October 1, 2013, the San Francisco Marina Small Craft Harbor will no longer supply tires and chain for securing vessels to center fender pilings. All berthodlers that wish to tie their vessels to center fender pilings, either in the West Basin or the East Basin, must purchase the approved “Tidemiders” product. Tideminders can be purchased at West Marine or online at  These are a series of positively buoyant balls with a hole in the middle to string your mooring line through, which allow the line to safely move up and down the piling without becoming snagged. The Tideminder balls can be captured in the desired place on your mooring line with figure 8 knots.

If you wish to have a line holder installed on your piling, the Marina will install the line holder at no cost to you. However, you must purchase the approved line holder from West Marine for $11.99, Dock Edge, Dock Line Holder, model #4603767, manufacturer #91-409-F. You can also purchase the line holder online at  After purchasing the line holder, simply drop the line holder by the Marina Office and Marina Staff will install it at your desired height based on your vessel freeboard.

Thank you for your continued cooperation as we do our best to make the San Francisco Marina Small Craft Harbor somewhere you are proud to berth your vessel.

John Moren, CMM


San Francisco Marina Small Craft Harbor