2012 Clean & Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond

With 72% approval, voters enthusiastically supported the 2012 San Francisco Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond (2012 Bond), giving the department an additional $195 million to continue capital projects for the renewal and repair of our parks, recreation, and open space assets. The 2012 Bond includes funding for 15 neighborhood parks, long awaited investment in Golden Gate Park, John McLaren Park, and Lake Merced, as well as renovations to the parks’ support infrastructure.

Bond AllocationMcLaren Playground Diagram

Specifically, the 2012 Bond proposal allocates:

  • $12 million for the Community Opportunity Fund
  • $13 million for forestry, trails, and water conservation
  • $15.5 million for Failing Playgrounds
  • $21 million for Golden Gate Park, Lake Merced, and McLaren Park
  • $34.5 million for Waterfront Open Spaces
  • $99 million for Neighborhood Parks, selected based on: 
    • Community feedback
    • Seismic safety risk
    • Their physical condition
    • The variety of amenities offered
    • Neighborhood density


The 2008 bond has helped to address the more than $1 billion in capital needs faced by the city’s park system by implementing $195 million in park improvements project at sites all across the city. The 2012 Parks Bond focuses on renovating and improving parks to respond to our neighborhoods’ and users’ needs.

Neighborhood Park Sites

Citywide Programs

Waterfront Parks

  • Pier 43 New public plaza adjacent to Pier 43 Trail Promenade
  • Northeast Wharf Plaza Construct new 2.7 acre park with large lawn and view areas
  • Agua Vista Park Renovated and connected shoreline access with walking, biking, and view areas
  • Pier 70 Parks Shoreline restoration, environmental remediation, landscaping, and new public access
  • Warm Water Cove Renovate and expand park, with improvements to park access and amenities
  • Islais Creek Improvements Construct new public access with walkway and scenic lookouts