Lafayette Park Renovation Update

Lafayette Park Playground under Construction

Project Progress

The overall project is nearing completion with approximately 90% of the project scope performed.  Progress over the past few weeks has focused primarily on the custom climbing structures in the children’s play area, the walls and paths around the courts, and the off-leash dog play area.   The first three weeks of May will see the majority of the playground work completed and the last of the concrete paths and roadways poured.  Work is bound to intensify during the end of the month when crews will be scrambling to put the finishing touches on all areas of the park in anticipation of an early June opening.

In order to achieve the earliest opening date possible, the general contractor will dedicate all their resources in May to finishing the work within the park.  After the park opening, through July and into early August, work will continue on the repairs to the perimeter retaining wall, entry stairs, public sidewalks and street trees.  In addition, once the new off-leash dog play area is reopened to the public, the area of the park currently being used as a temporary DPA will be closed.  The area, located along Laguna Street between Washington and Clay Streets, will receive new sod and will remain closed for 1 – 2 months to allow time for the new grass to become established.

Update on Park Opening

The anticipated re-opening date for Lafayette Park is Saturday, June 8.   The Recreation and Parks Department and the Friends of Lafayette Park are planning a fun community event to mark this major milestone.  Details will be posted here, and at the park site, as soon as they are available.

Picnic Area Permits

I have received many calls and emails from park neighbors who are interested in reserving picnic areas in Lafayette Park for their summer activities.  This is coordinated through the Recreation and Parks Department’s Permits and Reservations Division.  To insure that all permits can be honored without exception, it is standard protocol to suspend issuance of any permits during the period a park is closed to the public.  While picnic areas will be ready and available for use beginning on the first day the park is open, it does not look like reservations for future use-permits will be taken for at least several more weeks and possibly not until the first day the park is open.  I will continue to monitor the situation and will report here the moment I know when the Department will begin to accept reservations

Lafayette Park's Dog Play Area under Construction

Lafayette Park’s Dog Play Area under Construction