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School Year Programs During COVID-19

Recreation and Parks will be operating five Emergency Child and Youth Care (ECYC) sites as well as nine Community Learning Hubs around the city to begin the school year.

The ECYC program is available to families of healthcare workers and designated Disaster Service Workers. For more information about this program, call our hotline at 628-652-2900.

The Community Learning Hub program is a Citywide, neighborhood-based strategy to support children, youth, and families during the school year. The Hubs will provide support for students in grades K-6 who are utilizing SFUSD’s Distance Learning Curriculum, and will prioritize children and youth with the highest need.The City will utilize a focused enrollment model for the Community Hub Initiative in order to serve children who have the absolute highest level of need: residents of HOPE SF, public housing, RVs and SROs; families that are experiencing homelessness; children in the foster care system; English language learners; and low income families with a focus on historically impacted communities including African American, Latino/a/x, Pacific Islander and low income Asian. 

The Community Learning Hub program is a partnership between several city agencies, including the Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF), SF Public Library, the Mayor's Office, HOPE SF, Department of Public Health, the Human Services Agency, the City Administrator, Department of Technology and community-based organizations.

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Virtual Recreation Programs

Check our virtual recreation offerings, including senior programs, Randall Museum STEM classes, and classes with the Harvey Milk Photo Center, Young People's Teen Musical Theater Company and the Sharon Art Studio in Golden Gate Park.

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