4/20 FAQ and Road Closures

420 GGP Road Closures

On April 20, an estimated 20,000 people will descend on Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park to celebrate all things cannabis. The 4/20 tradition, said to date back to the 1970s, is now an  organized event and City departments are working in coordination with the event organizer to ensure a safe, clean, and healthy event for everyone. Additional security, portable toilets, and busses will be provided to the area. For health and safety reasons, we are advising everyone to buy their cannabis at a licensed dispensary before they come to the event. No cannabis sales will be permitted onsite and buying or accepting cannabis from unlicensed vendors puts you at risk for ingesting contaminated product. Pets will not be allowed at the event this year, along with glass, alcohol, cooking or grilling equipment. For a full list of prohibited items, click here.

Please note that in addition to regular Saturday street closures to vehicle traffic in Golden Gate Park, that JFK Drive between Kezar Drive and 8th Avenue will be closed to vehicles, as well as Conservatory Drive (East and West), Nancy Pelosi Drive, Bowling Green Drive and MLK Jr. Drive between Kezar Drive and 9th Ave from 5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. These locations are for Golden Gate park only. There are additional road and street closures that are managed by SFPD and SFMTA.

The ride share pickup and drop-off location will be the loop at McLaren Lodge (501 Stanyan Street).

9th Ave at MLK Jr. Drive
Nancy Pelosi Drive at MLK Jr. Drive
John F. Kennedy Jr Drive at Tea Garden Way
John F Kennedy Jr Drive  at 8th Ave
MLK Jr. Drive at Kezar Dr.
John F Kennedy Jr at Kezar Dr.
7th and Lincoln Way
Fulton Street and Arguello Blvd.

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