24 New Mature Trees are Being Planted at South Park!

We heard your concerns and wanted to reassure you that along with removal comes replacement. The project will plant 24 new, mature trees (36” box-example shown below). A major contributing factor to the decline of the trees at this site is overcrowding. The new trees will be spaced at intervals appropriate for their species, so that they can grow large and healthy. As a result, the total number on the site will be reduced slightly.

South Park Tree Sample

In response to concerns expressed by members of the public over the number of trees planned for removal from South Park, we felt it was important to provide more detail on the basis for the removal, and explain how the upcoming park renovation project will address both short and long-term urban forestry issues at South Park.

The existing condition of the tree stock at South Park is mixed. Overcrowding has resulted in the declining health of many, while the cessation of pollarding has left trees with structural defects making them weak and susceptible to failure. One of the primary goals of the South Park Renovation project is to address the aging and failing trees on the site by the following means, 1) removing the trees that are dead, dying or are unlikely to survive the impacts of the project, and 2) replanting the site with high quality, mature trees, that will provide long-term benefits to the park.

To this end, the park renovation project will include removal of 28 failing trees. An additional, 10 trees (5 may actually be transplanted another Park depending on the assessment of the tree health and size) will be removed to provide open space for the new children’s play area, and to make way for the installation of new ADA accessible curb ramps at each of the four park entry points.