2012 Berthing Assignment Policy

Newly Renovated West Basin
The Harbormaster, acting under the orders and supervision of the General Manager, subject to the approval of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission, shall have full authority in the interpretation and enforcement of the 2012 Berthing Assignment Policy for the West Basin, all Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Marina, and all orders given in the performance of his/her duties shall be obeyed.

Berthing assignments will be renewed annually thru a berthing license in the following order of priority:
1. First priority is issued to current West Basin Berth Holders.

2. Second priority, after all obligations are met to all current West Basin Berth Holders, will be issued to short term guests; up to 30% of the remaining berths will be retained for short term dockage.

3. All remaining berths will be issued to individuals on the current Wait List in order of the established seniority.

Right of first refusal will be granted to current Berth Holders in the West Marina Basin based on seniority. Seniority is defined as the length of time that an individual has had a valid signed berthing license, previously referred to as a ‘rental agreement’, with the San Francisco Small Craft Yacht Harbor.

The Berth Holder with the most seniority has the right of first refusal of berths meeting the following criteria:
1. Berth location is defined as the West Basin pre‐renovation berthing site.

2. The berth must be currently available for reassignment.

3. The vessel’s dimensions must properly fit the berth length, beam and draft, as follows:
a) Vessel cannot be longer than the designed berth length, which is the length of the finger pier.
b) Vessel’s length is defined as “length overall”, stem to stern, as the vessel sits in the berth.
c) The beam is defined as the maximum width of vessel at midship.
d) A vessel will be assigned a berth with a beam of no less than sixteen inches greater than the beam of the vessel, eight inches on each side.
e) Draft is defined as the depth from the water line to the bottom of the keel.
f) The draft of the berth must be no less than one foot greater than the draft of the vessel at Mean Low Low tide.

4. The berth size will be equal to the length of the berth of contract prior to the renovation or the actual length overall of the vessel on record in the current berthing license, whichever is greater.

5. If desired, a Berth Holder may chose a smaller berth only if it fits the dimensions of the vessel on record in the current berthing license as previously defined under the aforementioned item number three.

6. Any vessels measuring over 90 feet or with a beam too great to fit in a 90 foot berth will only be offered a side‐tie in order to meet the designed capability of the new West Basin.

The Harbor Master will publish and post a Seniority List comprised of the date of the current Berth Holder’s berthing license by vessel length of record. Based on the Seniority List, the berthing assignment process will be conducted as follows:
1. Assignments will be conducted upon full completion of the West Basin renovation, tentatively scheduled for November 2012.

2. Assignments will be issued in order of Seniority, as previously defined, starting with the 30 foot berths continuing on with the next berth size until reaching the largest berth size of 90 feet.

3. Vessels will be measured and will undergo a full inspection to ensure seaworthiness and compliance with all Marina Rules & Regulations. Vessels found to be non‐compliant will immediately lose their first right of refusal and the process of eviction will be enacted.