Thank You and Spread the Word!

A week ago we had a very successful meeting about the improvements coming to Mission Dolores Park. Thank you again to the over 70 residents and park users who attended the meeting. I’m consistently impressed by the thoughtfulness of the conversations I’ve had about Mission Dolores Park.

Thanks also to our panelists. Crystal, Meredith, Peter, Jill, and Andrew all did a wonderful job representing their respective groups and providing an overview of their concerns with the park’s needs. As I said at the meeting, right now our goal is to collect feedback about the current use of the park and ideas for improvements. We will then hand that information over to the design team before our next meeting which will hopefully be in early December. Please check back here for schedule updates and meeting dates.

Also, the online survey is still available at
We’ve collected over 150 surveys to this point (up from 60 just a week ago!) and the feedback mirrors what I heard at last week’s meeting: while there are several areas of the park that could use some improvement, generally everyone loves the layout of the park and would like to see no major shifts in where things are located in the park.

As always, feel free to contact me at or 581-2561 with questions.