Transbay Block 3 Park

This project is led by San Francisco Public Works.

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BackgroundImage of rendering of future park with lawn and pathways in the distance

Block 3 Park and adjacent Clementina and Tehama alleyways are central features of the Transbay Redevelopment Project Area, which was adopted in 2005 and includes 40 acres of high-density transit-oriented housing, office space and retail in the East Cut, a new neighborhood just south of San Francisco's downtown and financial districts.

Block 3 park was first conceptualized in the Transbay Redevelopment Plan and its accompanying documents, and later in the Transbay Project Area Streetscape and Open Space Concept Plan, dated Nov. 21, 2006. Select elements of the Concept Plan have been further refined in the Transit Center District Plan, authored in 2012. The Concept Plan includes new public spaces, new alleyways, improvements to existing streets, widened sidewalks, street trees, lights, seating areas and other elements to enhance and complete the vision for the Transbay Redevelopment Project Area.

Ownership of the park will be transferred from OCII to RPD prior to completion of construction.

The new Block 3 Park is approximately one acre and will include play features, informal gathering spaces, landscape furnishings, trees and plantings. The new Clementina and Tehama alleyways will flank the park and two new developments at Block 2 and Block 4.

This is a project led by San Francisco Public Works in partnership with San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. For all project documents and materials, visit

Project Schedule

PlanningSpring 2018
DesignSpring 2022
ConstructionSummer 2024
Open to the publicSummer 2026

  1. Monica Scott

    Project Manager