The Youth Stewardship Program is Hiring!

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We’re gearing up to start the new 2018-2019 year and are hiring Environmental Educator Interns!

If you’re interested in becoming an Environmental Educator intern and gaining work experience in a government agency, visit our page to learn more about our program, or apply now by clicking here.

We’re seeking three motivated educators who are passionate about connecting youth to nature and creating fun and educational outdoor experiences within San Francisco parks and open spaces.

Our partner, the Student Conservation Association, builds the next generation of conservation leaders and inspires lifelong stewardship of the environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on service to the land.

Our 2017-2018 Youth Stewardship Program…

  • served 1,761 youth
  • conducted 26 classroom visits
  • led 225 fieldtrips citywide
  • worked with over 155 educators, teachers and chaperones
  • oversaw the stewardship of 31 natural areas, parks and opens spaces
  • facilitated 5,795 hours of direct stewardship and restoration from youth to parks
  • provided 3,982 hours of instruction in environmental education themed games and activities

All of this great work is attributed to the wonderful support and participation from our fabulous partners, teachers, educators and chaperones who signed up and brought their classrooms to a local park or open space. Thanks for helping us achieve our mission!

Your participation allows us to engage and inspire curiosity in youth, while simultaneously supporting the growth and learning of our young adult leaders seeking to become the next environmental leaders in the field and/or become the next generation of certified teachers…so ‘Thank You’ for this wonderful mutualistic relationship!

Announcements for teachers/educators:

Our online Youth Stewardship Program application for the 2018-2019 program year will open in mid-September.

YSP will host a series of kickoff events in October to meet and greet new participants, share general RPD information, and most importantly, help new and veteran teachers schedule trips for the new school year. Please check our page in September to see dates and to RSVP. Stay tuned!!!